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Take this test.

If you can follow simple instructions like these,

you Can build the B. C. Air Originals.

STEP # 1. Glue 6 pull tabs on top of each other.
(Hold them in place with a thin strip of tape until the glue dries.)
These will be the cylinders used on this engine type.

STEP # 2. Glue 4 bottle caps together just as you would to make 2 wheels.
(Don't forget to put a hole in the center of each cap.)

STEP # 3. Glue the two wheels together.
This will now be used as the engine crank case for this engine type.

STEP # 4. Glue 7 stacks of 6 pull tabs,
each representing 1 cylinder,
around the engine crank case.
Use a rubber band to hold them in place until the glue has dried.


STEP # 5. Remove the rubber band and all tape from the engine and slide the engine onto the propeller shaft and glue to the front of the plane (can B-1).

STEP # 6. Cut top out of a can and cut the can off approx. 1 3/4" from the top.
This will become the engine cowling.

STEP # 7. Glue the engine cowling in place, add prop,
(cut excess propeller shaft off) and glue acorn nut in place.

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