There's just something about a Biplane that we all like, and if you like the Classic Biplane, you're going to love the Pitts Special. The Pitts Special was first designed in 1944 and proved to be a very popular airplane for home builders. Designed by Curtis Pitts, the sleek little biplane dominated world aerobatic competition in the 60's & 70's and still remains a potent competition aircraft in the lower categories today. This 150 Knot, single seat, fully acrobatic fun machine can run you around $200,000.00 for a nicely equiped S-2 today.This design can easily be converted to make 3 different versions of this aircraft type: a Pitts Special, a Christen Eagle and a Starduster I & II.

This plane is made from Diet Squirt Cans but can be made from any 12 or 16 oz Beverage Can.

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