The Q2 is another of Burt Rutan's earlier designs to optimized a minimal number of fiberglass components. (Your Quickie can be made with only 17 Cans.) Burt is known for his radical designs and the Q2 is no exception. This sporty, 150 mph+, 2-Seater (Side by Side) was originally designed, in kit form, to be powered by a Subaru or VW auto engine. Highly efficient, and of composite construction, the Q2 pilots that I've spoken with LOVE their Quickies and recken them to flying mini-jets. Like any other Plane, the Q2 does have it's short-comings though, not the least of which is it's ground operation qualities. Although more than 3,000 kits were sold, it is unclear how many Q2's are flying today.

This plane is made from Diet 7-UP Cans but can be made from any 12 or 16 oz Beverage Can.

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