The Van's RV-7 is a very popular 2-Place, 200+ MPH, Homebuilt airplane designed by Richard VanGrunsven
and sold in kit form. It's derived from his earlier designs of the RV-4 & RV-6.
Construction time, of the full scale Aluminum built version, is estimated at around 1,500 hours for an average builder.
Most builders claimed to have completed their RV-7 projects for between $40 - $97 Thousand US Dollars.
By the later part of 2013 there are reported to be more than
1,300 RV-7s (Tail Wheel Version) and RV-7As (Nose Wheel Version) completed and flying.

This model is made from LOOP Energy Drink Cans
but can be made from any 12 or 16 oz Beverage Can.

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