Instantly recognizable from its distinctive bent gull-wings
the Vought F4U Corsair was the first U.S. single-engine fighter to exceed 400 m.p.h.
Dubbed "The Ensign Eliminator", because of it unforgiving flight characteristics,
the F4U became legendary in the hands of skilled pilots such as
Major Greg (PAPPY) Boyington and his "BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON".
Designed around the huge new Pratt & Whitney 2,000 HP XR2800 Double Wasp radial engine,
and turning a massive 13 foot 4 inch three-blade constant-speed prop,
the F4U Corsair was refered to as "Whistling Death" by the Japanese.

This plane is made from RC Cola Cans but can be made from any 12 or 16 oz beverage Cans.

Made from Fourteen 12 oz Cans, this beauty has a wingspan of 18".

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