Henry Ford's Tri-motor Plane was introduced in 1927 and dubbed the "Tin Goose".
The Tri-Motor was developed from several earlier designs and became America’s first successful airliner.
A real workhorse of it's days, passenger travel in the 5-AT was anything but pleasent.
Tri-motors of the era flew at low speeds in the turbulent strata close to the ground.
They smelled of hot oil and metal, leather seats and the disinfectant used to clean up after airsick passengers.
It was not unusual to hose out the entire interior of a plane after completing a turbulent flight.
Never the less, these airplanes were well likes by the pilots who flew them
and there are still a few in opporation today with a current value in excess of

This plane is made from Bud Light Beer Cans but can be made from any 16 oz beverage Cans.

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This plane has a 28" Wingspan,
is 20" Long & 7" High

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