At the outbreak of WWI aircraft were used primarally for ovservation, reconenance and message delivery. Then some pilot took a shot at another pilot and, before you knew it, air-to-air combat was born. The FIRST aircraft specifically designed and built to shoot down other aircraft was the British Vickers F. B. 5 (F.B. standing for Fighting Biplane, Model 5) making it the First in many catagories. First opporational fighter aircraft, first aircraft to shoot down another aircraft and fastest aircraft of it's time just to mention a few. There were 224 F.B.5's (or "GUNBUS" as they were nicknamed) built, although any serviving examples are surely in museums and not flying.

This plane is made from Diet and Regular A&W Root Beer Cans but can be made from any 12 or 16 oz Beverage Can.

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