Top Ten most frequently asked questions


Q. Where did the idea for the B. C. Air Originals come From?
A. You might say that the idea came from the Contents of the Cans. A group of us pilots were gathered one evening, having a cold one, and the challenge was made to make a Plane out of the empties.


Q. How hard is it to build these Planes?
A. You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to put these planes together. The construction technique is pretty basic. You don't even have to be "Crazy". It is helpful however, to be JUST PLANE NUTS. If you've ever put together a Model Plane, you CAN build the
B. C. Air Originals. These Planes are a lot easier to build than this Web Site was.


Q. How long does it take to build one of these Planes?
A. It varies with the Plane you're building. I can assemble some Planes in as little as two hours while others may take four or five hours.


Q. Can these Planes be made from any CAN?
A. The High-Wing, Low-Wing and Bi / Tri-Wing Planes are all designed to be made from any 12 oz. Beer or Pop CAN. The larger Multi-Engine Planes and the Helicopter are designed to be made from the larger 16 oz. CANS. The average wing span is around 15 inches although the Impressive Multi-Engine Planes have a wing span of around 27 inches.


Q. Will I need any special tools to build these Planes?
A. All the
B. C. Air Originals can be built with tools found in most every household or they can easily be obtained from a hardware store or model shop.


Q. What if I have questions about the B. C. Air Originals?
A. We at
B. C. Air are here to help you with the construction of these Planes. You may E-Mail us with your questions and comments or you may write us at 1201 N. Washington St. Helena, MT. 59601 any time.


Q. If I sell my Planes, what should I charge for them?
A. Only you can determine what your Planes are worth. I give many of my planes away as GIFTS. Naturally all my friends got one and I give one, as a souvenir, whenever I fly with someone for the first time. I've sent these Planes to Johnny Carson and Ed McMahn, David Letterman, Dennis Weiver, John Elway, the EAA at Oshkosh, ALL of the Aviation Magazine Editors, and I even sent a Float Plane (made out of BUSCH BEER CANS) to former U. S. President GEORGE BUSH Sr. while he was in office. When I sell my Planes, I sell the Bi-Plane for $99.95 while some of the larger Planes sell for $150.00. I've received many letters from
B. C. Air Originals builders, including many EAA Chapters and Civil Air Patrol Squadrons, telling me that these Planes are an EXCELLENT fund raising item and that their sales have passed the $3,000.00 mark.


Q. Where can I "buy" one of these Planes?
A. ONLY from a B. C. Air Originals builder, or someone willing to part with the one they have (which ISN'T likely). It would be EASIER for you to make your very own B. C. Air Original.


Q. Where can I get the plans that show me how to make these Planes?
A. Click on the PLANS button in the bar below.


Q. Do these planes really fly?

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